REGISTER NOW FOR OUR UNAA REGIONAL TOURNAMENT COMING UP ON 7,8 of JUNE 2019 IN OUR NEW FACILITY.  We have even upped our game in eliminating subjectivity to our sport.  We have purchased custom blue mats which cover the entire gym as well as custom green landing platforms in between every obstacle.  We wanted to make it that simple, land on the green and you are good, touch the blue mats (signifying water) and you lose that point. We still always encourage a recorder in case there is a discrepancy.  IT IS OUR TOP GOALS TO HAVE THE BEST NINJAS ADVANCE AND THAT EVERYONE IS GIVEN AN EVEN PLAYING FIELD. We are so excited to showcase our new facility  with all of its advancements and to have the most fair tournament you've ever attended. Can't wait to see you this season!!!  




We have started on our new season here at Gauntlet Fitness and have introduced our 6 skill level ninja advancement program.  We are so excited to train your child with a skill and age appropriate program that has been fine-tuned for years, ensuring optimum growth and safety for your athlete.   Ask for details.   

5 Interstate Dr., Ardmore OK 73401